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Andre Dluhos Exhibition

“Andre Dluhos” Exhibition
「Andre Dluhos」個人畫展

Date 日期 : 02. 12. 2013 – 18. 01. 2014

Andre Dlohus was born in 1940 in Spisske Podhradie, a small town in the eastern part of Czechoslovakia, now exists as Slovakia. He loved drawing as a child and was attracted to the magnificent Spis Castle that stood high above his home. He drew its majestic lines from every angle and every perspective imaginable. At the age of fourteen, he won his first art competition and set his goal as a professional painter.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Bratislava Art Academy in 1959 and a Master degree in fine art from the School of Fine Arts, Uherski Hardiste in 1961. Later, Andre studied Ancient Arts in the Cairo University, Giza, Egypt. He then travelled through Egypt and studied ancient art, which had a significant influence on his approach to art.

Andre had a promising but short career in Czechoslovakia. He was not happy with the system and realised that he could not pursue his painter’s career where freedom of creation was being restricted. In 1969, after a year of extensive traveling, painting, and showing throughout the countries of Hungary, Yugoslavia and Austria, Andre decided to seek new opportunities and a new home in the United States with his wife Yary and their son, Peter. He continued his passion for painting in the States. It had been a lot of struggle and hard work in the beginning, but being able to paint what his heart and soul lead him make every sacrifice worthwhile.

Today, Andre is still exploring different techniques and subjects. He believes that the ability of a great artist is to create what he or she feels within his or her soul. The greatest gift bestowed upon a painter or sculptor is the ability to see life and all its contents and be able to present a subjective representation of a chosen fragment of that life. Andre’s wife, Yary, is an artist as well and they run a workshop in California. His works are collected worldwide.

Andre Dlohus於1940年在捷克斯拉夫(現稱斯洛伐克)一個名為Spisske Podhradie的小鎮出生。在孩童時代的他已喜愛繪畫,並為高踞其居所上的雄偉Spis堡壘所吸引,從他可以想像的每一個角度畫出堡壘的雄姿。Andre年屆14時贏得首項藝術獎項,奠定他投身畫師行列的決心。

Andre在伯拉第斯拉瓦藝術學院研習藝術及平面設計,於1950年取得藝術學士學位,後於1961年獲Uherski Hradiste的藝術學校頒授藝術碩士學位。其後,Andre在埃及開羅大學鑽研古代藝術,並在埃及遊歷以研究古代藝術,埃及之旅對他的藝術風格產生重大影響。



SR Gallery Exhibition 方圓藝廊展覽 | Quiet Achiever 潤物無聲

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“Quiet Achiever” The Solo Exhibition of Chen Zhang Hong
「潤物無聲 」- 陳章紅個人畫展

Date日期 : 22.10.2011 – 16.11.2011

Chen Zhang Hong was born in Yangjiang City, Guangdong province, China, in 1966. He graduated from the Arts School of the Zhanjiang Normal University in 1988. After his graduation, he worked as an artist and arts teacher. Since 2005, he became a full time painter and currently resides in Yangjiang City.

Growing up in countryside of southern China has given him the most profound feeling and sensitivity to art. His dialogue with nature is carried out symbiotically through his works. For Chen, there is nothing static in his approach, but rather an oscillation, a dynamic movement of nature. He sees the beauty of nature and his paintings explore a philosophical and poetic side of life.

He takes technique seriously. He integrates Seurat’s pointillist method to best represent a harmonious life. Each point, each line and each segment combines with his enviable energy, perseverance, passion.

Chen’s works are collected by corporate and individual collectors in US, Europe and Asia.

陳章紅 – 1966年生於中國廣東省陽江市,1988年畢業於湛江師範學院美術系。其後從事創作和藝術教育工作;2005年轉為全職畫家,現居於陽江市。

從小在南方的農村長大,他的作品展現著一個長期勳陶於自然領域的人如何看待和應對世界的態度。他希望以繪畫為媒體,喚起大家對自然美的重視乃至整個生態環境的關懷。他能夠在龐大的畫面上,準確而深入地保持空間的平衡,明暗交錯,冷熱相間。每畫一次,都是一段感情;象徵背叛傳統的風鳥,追尋自我的故事。其作品均以緩慢的節奏,在尋常的事物裡發現迷人之處,在叙事中帶有一種詩意的哲學思考。他揉合點畫始祖 – 秀拉的技術,求新求變的作風、成就了自成一格的點畫派風格,示範了萬物歸一自然繪畫的各種可能。


Remarks by Art Critic

The Chinese contemporary art scene and the market for this work is still in its infancy. It has really just begun. I think the biggest challenge for contemporary artists in China is to continue making innovative and interesting work that stands apart from the crowd. Chen Zhang Hong’s work has made the exploration of his own presence the subject of his art, ranging fom boat scenes, personage bodies to pointllist landscapes and cosmo. His work is connected intimately with fundamental human experience.
Larry Warsh, Art Critic

Chen’s works synthesize a cosmic order of heaven, land, people, seemingly saying to the viewers – “What A Wonderful World.”
Terry Braunstein, Artist

SR Gallery Exhibition 方圓藝廊展覽 | Heart of Goodness 美哉福島

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“Heart of Goodness” Fukushima Before 3.11 Charity Photo Exhibition
「美哉福島」 3.11 慈善攝影展

Date日期 : 18.11.2011 – 17.12.2011

Friends of Fukushima presents a photo series by Frances Tong, whose pictures of pre-311 Fukushima inspire the heart of goodness in us. Net proceeds from the exhibition go to supporting Fukushima victims and revitalizing farmland.

福島之友呈獻「美哉福島」慈善攝影展。本地攝影師 Frances Tong 在 3.11 地震前拍下的福島大自然景觀,重燃我們內心的真善美。善款將撥捐福島災民及保育耕地。

“This exhibition respresents the finest selection of Fukushima’s natural beauty. I hope that it opens the eyes of the public to Fukushima’s beauty and helps alleviate the suffering of the victims.”
Daisuke Matsunaga, Deputy Consul General of Japan in Hong Kong

“The photographer was totally moved by Nature. Using the lens as a paintbrush, she responded with beautiful pictures.”
Chow Chung Liam, Winner of the 1960s International Salon of Photography

“ 攝影展作品展現福島天然景致最美一面。我衷心希望展覽能讓公眾認識福島之美,並有助減輕災民之苦。”
松永大介 日本駐港副領事

“ 攝影師真心受大自然感動,以鏡頭作畫筆,作出美的回應。”
周宗濂 六十年代世界攝影沙龍十傑之首

SR Gallery Exhibition 方圓藝廊展覽 | From Static to Dynamic 碧水荷韻

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“From Static to Dynamic” The Solo Exhibition of Dong Xian Zhou
「碧水荷韻」- 董仙舟油畫展

Date日期 : 02.04.2012 – 30.04.2012

Dong Xian Zhou was born in Liaoning Province in 1954. He studied in the Lu Xun Art Academy in 1982 under the tutorship of Professor Zhou Yu Wei, and pursued further study of oil painting in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Dong has been specialising in oil painting since 1990. He has studied Chinese painting before learning Western oil painting. Therefore, he is well-versed with techniques of both Chinese and Western paintings. With his own sensitivity to art and painting techniques, Dong integrates the conception and technique of traditional Chinese painting into Western oil painting to create a unique style of his works. In his pursuit of art, he has never ceased to explore, ponder, refine and upgrade his painting techniques.

Dong thinks nothing is more important than to paint with one’s heart. His static series of “Lotus” and “Lotus Pond” feature a poetic imagery with refreshing, exquisite and serene quality while his dynamic series of “Seas” and “Mountain” convey a surging passion for life and nature. The contrast of static and dynamic constitutes a unique style. Inspired by nature, Dong expresses his enthusiasm, cognition and understanding of life with his brushes. Combining the skill of impressionists and the extraordinary artistic sense, his sketches introduce the commonly ignored beauty of nature, provoking our imagination and contemplation.

He has been invited to join various exhibitions in the country and overseas with excellent achievements. His pieces of works are among the collections of renowned individuals and institutional collectors over the world.

董仙舟認為畫什麼都不重要,最重要是用心去畫。他的靜態作品 –「荷花」及「荷塘」系列畫作,意境清新,雋永雅逸。他的動態作品 –「大海」及「山景」系列,具有自然灑脫,澎湃洶湧的激情,形成了動與靜的獨特對比。他的創作靈感取材於大自然,以自己對生命的認知和領悟,利用畫筆去營造優美意境。他的寫生作品,利用印象派的技法及藝術家特有的敏銳觸覺,發掘一般人不在意的美感,引發我們的想像和思索。