Fadil Gudadi

Fadil Gudadi was born in Jakata in 1964. He graduated from the School of Art and Design at IKIP College. As a young artist and designer, Fadil works with different materials on the fashion and art industries. He has won many prizes in the art and fashion accessory design fields and he seriously pursues his career as a professional artist after the millennium.

Fadil specializes on metal art. He expresses his ideas using sheet metal. His inspiration comes from nature, the sun, the moon, leaves, shells etc. After applying the motifs on the sheet metal, he lets the sheet to weather, or rust to attain an individual pigmentation. It is amazing that through Fadil’s careful treatment, such hard material as metal can be converted into an expressive works of art. Fadil also paints on canvas. He pursues an abstract minimalist style that goes with the modern interior design.

Fadil Gudadi 1964年出生於雅加達。畢業於IKIP大學的藝術與設計學院。作為一個年輕的藝術家和設計師,Fadil利用不同材質在家居、時裝及首飾等行業作不同的設計。他曾在藝術及時裝配飾設計領域獲得過很多獎項;並從千禧年開始認真地追求他作為一個職業藝術家的事業。