SR Gallery Exhibition 方圓藝廊展覽 | Three Quarter Column Where Imagination Leads 境生象外


Three Quarter Column Where Imagination Leads” Abstract Art Exhibition

Date 日期 : 11. 03. 2013 – 13. 04. 2013

Abstract art is a branch of art emerged in the West in the 1910s that broke from the tradition that a painting had to represent something. Before that, realist and impressionist artists painted objects and landscape exactly as how they saw them. In abstract art, artists present their subjective experience and imagination of the objects and scenery they painted. Relative image of the scenery or object no longer exists. Viewers have to use their imagination and senses to explore and interprete the works or art.Most abstract paintings represent things that are not visual. Points, lines, surfaces, forms, colour and texture become the elements that convey the artists’ emotion and spiritual experiences. To understand abstract art, you need to have keen senses and open imagination. Allowing your senses to be linked up with your sight and wandering around the painting and see where it takes you. Abstract art should be admired in the same way as that of listening to music. Let the elements of the painting flow through your senses the way the notes of music wash over your soul. One of the beautiful things about abstract art is its opening to interpretation. Abstract art gives you freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece. This personalised process enriches a viewer’s experience of an artwork.

Some people may think that abstract art is easy. However, painting or creating abstract arts is not as simple as they look. It demands great drawing skill and a heightened sensitivity for composition and colours. For a piece of abstract art to have significance for anyone other than the artist, it needs to have something that can retain the viewer’s attention, draw them in, keep them looking, and generate an emotional response. Let’s admire abstract art with an open mind and an open heart – let imagination leads.