SR Gallery Exhibition 方圓藝廊展覽 | Heart of Goodness 美哉福島


“Heart of Goodness” Fukushima Before 3.11 Charity Photo Exhibition
「美哉福島」 3.11 慈善攝影展

Date日期 : 18.11.2011 – 17.12.2011

Friends of Fukushima presents a photo series by Frances Tong, whose pictures of pre-311 Fukushima inspire the heart of goodness in us. Net proceeds from the exhibition go to supporting Fukushima victims and revitalizing farmland.

福島之友呈獻「美哉福島」慈善攝影展。本地攝影師 Frances Tong 在 3.11 地震前拍下的福島大自然景觀,重燃我們內心的真善美。善款將撥捐福島災民及保育耕地。

“This exhibition respresents the finest selection of Fukushima’s natural beauty. I hope that it opens the eyes of the public to Fukushima’s beauty and helps alleviate the suffering of the victims.”
Daisuke Matsunaga, Deputy Consul General of Japan in Hong Kong

“The photographer was totally moved by Nature. Using the lens as a paintbrush, she responded with beautiful pictures.”
Chow Chung Liam, Winner of the 1960s International Salon of Photography

“ 攝影展作品展現福島天然景致最美一面。我衷心希望展覽能讓公眾認識福島之美,並有助減輕災民之苦。”
松永大介 日本駐港副領事

“ 攝影師真心受大自然感動,以鏡頭作畫筆,作出美的回應。”
周宗濂 六十年代世界攝影沙龍十傑之首