SR Gallery Exhibition 方圓藝廊展覽 | From Static to Dynamic 碧水荷韻


“From Static to Dynamic” The Solo Exhibition of Dong Xian Zhou
「碧水荷韻」- 董仙舟油畫展

Date日期 : 02.04.2012 – 30.04.2012

Dong Xian Zhou was born in Liaoning Province in 1954. He studied in the Lu Xun Art Academy in 1982 under the tutorship of Professor Zhou Yu Wei, and pursued further study of oil painting in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Dong has been specialising in oil painting since 1990. He has studied Chinese painting before learning Western oil painting. Therefore, he is well-versed with techniques of both Chinese and Western paintings. With his own sensitivity to art and painting techniques, Dong integrates the conception and technique of traditional Chinese painting into Western oil painting to create a unique style of his works. In his pursuit of art, he has never ceased to explore, ponder, refine and upgrade his painting techniques.

Dong thinks nothing is more important than to paint with one’s heart. His static series of “Lotus” and “Lotus Pond” feature a poetic imagery with refreshing, exquisite and serene quality while his dynamic series of “Seas” and “Mountain” convey a surging passion for life and nature. The contrast of static and dynamic constitutes a unique style. Inspired by nature, Dong expresses his enthusiasm, cognition and understanding of life with his brushes. Combining the skill of impressionists and the extraordinary artistic sense, his sketches introduce the commonly ignored beauty of nature, provoking our imagination and contemplation.

He has been invited to join various exhibitions in the country and overseas with excellent achievements. His pieces of works are among the collections of renowned individuals and institutional collectors over the world.

董仙舟認為畫什麼都不重要,最重要是用心去畫。他的靜態作品 –「荷花」及「荷塘」系列畫作,意境清新,雋永雅逸。他的動態作品 –「大海」及「山景」系列,具有自然灑脫,澎湃洶湧的激情,形成了動與靜的獨特對比。他的創作靈感取材於大自然,以自己對生命的認知和領悟,利用畫筆去營造優美意境。他的寫生作品,利用印象派的技法及藝術家特有的敏銳觸覺,發掘一般人不在意的美感,引發我們的想像和思索。