SR Gallery Exhibition 方圓藝廊展覽 | Colours of Summer 夏之色彩


“The Colours of Summer” SR Gallery Art Exhibition

Date 日期 : 17. 07. 2013 – 15. 09. 2013

SR Gallery holds “The Colours of Summer” Art Exhibition to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Summer is a lively season. Nourished by the blazing sun, the meadow puts on a deeper shade of new green. The delicate spring blossoms have been replaced by colourful summer flowers, sending forth wafts of fragrance to entice bees and butterflies to flock to the seasonal bloom. The countryside and wilderness are bustling with the noise and excitement. Summer is also a holiday season during which,many parents and their children will take a break from their daily routine works to enjoy a relaxing summer holiday locally or overseas.

Most artists have a strong bond with nature and summer is the season that provides artists with many scenes and themes as inspiration for their artworks.

This exhibition shows works of artists from different places and cultures:

CHENG Shao Wei – Canada
DONG Xian Zhou – Beijing China
HUA Jian Kun – Beijing China
LI Fang Lin – Chengdu China
KARPINSKY Lena – Canada
PACE Laurie – USA





CHENG Shao Wei –加拿大
DLOHUS Andrea – 美國
董仙舟 – 中國
華劍堃 – 中國
李方霖 – 中國
KARPINSKY Lena – 加拿大
PACE Laurie – 美國