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Andre Dluhos Exhibition

“Andre Dluhos” Exhibition
「Andre Dluhos」個人畫展

Date 日期 : 02. 12. 2013 – 18. 01. 2014

Andre Dlohus was born in 1940 in Spisske Podhradie, a small town in the eastern part of Czechoslovakia, now exists as Slovakia. He loved drawing as a child and was attracted to the magnificent Spis Castle that stood high above his home. He drew its majestic lines from every angle and every perspective imaginable. At the age of fourteen, he won his first art competition and set his goal as a professional painter.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Bratislava Art Academy in 1959 and a Master degree in fine art from the School of Fine Arts, Uherski Hardiste in 1961. Later, Andre studied Ancient Arts in the Cairo University, Giza, Egypt. He then travelled through Egypt and studied ancient art, which had a significant influence on his approach to art.

Andre had a promising but short career in Czechoslovakia. He was not happy with the system and realised that he could not pursue his painter’s career where freedom of creation was being restricted. In 1969, after a year of extensive traveling, painting, and showing throughout the countries of Hungary, Yugoslavia and Austria, Andre decided to seek new opportunities and a new home in the United States with his wife Yary and their son, Peter. He continued his passion for painting in the States. It had been a lot of struggle and hard work in the beginning, but being able to paint what his heart and soul lead him make every sacrifice worthwhile.

Today, Andre is still exploring different techniques and subjects. He believes that the ability of a great artist is to create what he or she feels within his or her soul. The greatest gift bestowed upon a painter or sculptor is the ability to see life and all its contents and be able to present a subjective representation of a chosen fragment of that life. Andre’s wife, Yary, is an artist as well and they run a workshop in California. His works are collected worldwide.

Andre Dlohus於1940年在捷克斯拉夫(現稱斯洛伐克)一個名為Spisske Podhradie的小鎮出生。在孩童時代的他已喜愛繪畫,並為高踞其居所上的雄偉Spis堡壘所吸引,從他可以想像的每一個角度畫出堡壘的雄姿。Andre年屆14時贏得首項藝術獎項,奠定他投身畫師行列的決心。

Andre在伯拉第斯拉瓦藝術學院研習藝術及平面設計,於1950年取得藝術學士學位,後於1961年獲Uherski Hradiste的藝術學校頒授藝術碩士學位。其後,Andre在埃及開羅大學鑽研古代藝術,並在埃及遊歷以研究古代藝術,埃及之旅對他的藝術風格產生重大影響。