SR Gallery Exhibition 方圓藝廊展覽 | Sketching China 寫生中國


“Sketching China” Solo Exhibition of Huang He
「寫生中國」- 黃河個人油畫及雕塑展

Date日期 : 19. 11. 2012 – 05. 01. 2013

Born in 1955 in Guangzhou, China, Huang He received a bachelor degree of fine art from the Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1982. He went to Australia for further study in 1988 and was widely involved in oil painting. His pieces such as “Meditation” earned him the special prize of the National Sculpture Exhibition in Australia. In 2000, he returned to his homeland where he was appointed a visiting professor at the Institute of Visual Art at Fudan University, Shanghai and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He was involved in creating and planning a wide collection of public sculptures and exhibitions. His sculpture work “The 78th” was selected to the National Arts Exhibition and became the permanent collection of Guangdong Museum of Art.

Majoring in sculpture making, sketching is Huang’s sources of inspiration. He enjoys sketching on streets or in public transportation in order to maintain his acute sensitivity to daily life. Sketching also induces his passion for painting. Huang’s paintings bear the characteristics of his sculpture works; the powerful strokes represent self-confidence, strength and passion. Huang’s bold and unrestrained drawing technique is well received.

Huang has the valuable noble quality of an artist, wholehearted persistence and indulgence in pursuit of arts. Even at middle ages, Huang still has such admirably poetic, passionate and pure ideals.

“Sketching China” includes pieces of Huang He’s oil paintings in recent years. Most of these works are on-site sketching with focus on countryside, metropolitan, flora and still objects and portrait, etc. As an adventurer of the life journey, Huang expresses his unique experiences in every day life with strokes and sculpture knife. The exhibition will also display some pieces of Huang’s sculpture work, enabling visitors to appreciate both his paintings and sculptures.