Su Fei 蘇飛

Born in Guilin in 1965, Su Fei graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Guangxi Normal University. He furthered his studies in traditional Chinese painting and western modern art in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Su specialises in abstract Chinese painting.

Su Fei’s works strongly reflect his personality and persistence in artistic endeavor. The abstract and narrative characters of his work stem from his perception and understanding of nature. Su combines his mastery of traditional techniques with exaggerated free strokes and colours to create a sense of the abstract in his works.  In his landscapes, the smooth and rounded lines and striking colours are a great contrast to traditional Chinese landscape paintings.

Su Fei is a member of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association, the Guangxi Modern Chinese Painting Research Institute, and the Guilin Chinese Painting Research Institute. He has gained a number of awards, including a silver award in the Hong Kong Artists’ Association’s national competition for his work “Fortune Dragon”. His works are well received nationally as well as internationally.