Quan Xing Heng 全星恆

Born in 1973 in Hunan Hengyang, Quan Xing Heng is a professional artist specialises in landscape paintings. He learned from the Master Instrutor, Mr Chen Yu Pu of Nankai University. Quan is a member of Guangxi Artists Association. He is also one of the directors and master artists of Huasheng Wu Daozi Museum of Art. His work is fresh and elegant; the hazy beauty is loved by local and foreign art lovers. His worked is collected by a few Museums in China.

Quan has participated in many National Art Exhibitions and gained awards. His work “Mountain Retreat” had won the Excellence Award at the fifth Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Master Competition and been incorporated in the “Contemporary Chinese Famous Painting Collection”. His work “Returning Home” has gained a silver award at the Chinese Artists Exhibition and he was awarded the honor of “Outstanding Contemporary Artist”.