Corporate Gifts 商務禮品

SR Gallery Corporate Gifts Service

The success of your business depends significantly on the quality of your business relationship. Presenting corporate gifts to recognize business achievements, milestones and special dates remains one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost morale, pride and joy among your employees, your associates, and your clients.

SR Gallery provides artistic, distinctive and socially conscious gifts that suit your exquisite taste. We pay utmost attention to customer service and the presentation of your gift. We offer:

Creative, Unique Gift Options
Let us know your business, what message you want to convey, your budget, and tell us about your gift recipients, we will compile a list of recommended gift options for your consideration.

Gift Presentation
We can provide unique gift packaging to match your corporate identity and print personalized gift card message with your logo.

Customised Corporate Gifts & Souvenirs
We can design and customise large quantity corporate gifts & souvenirs to meet your different needs.

SR gifts are characterized by their uniqueness and originality. Most of our art pieces are unique or limited editions. Should your chosen work be sold out, we will endeavour to source similar works from the same artist or alternatives from our specially selected and continuously replenished collection.

Just choose your gift from our range and we will design the gift card, wrap the gift and send to your designated recipient safely on your behalf.







方圓禮品以其獨特性及原創性為賣點,其中大部份藝術品為單一或限量作品;如 閣下喜愛的禮品已經售出,我們會從同一系列的其他作品或不斷補充的新作品中盡量選取近似禮品供您選擇,以確保您能選到滿意的禮品。