Sotaro Saegusa 三技惣太郎

Sotaro Saegusa was born in 1911 in Kagawa Prefecture of Japan. A graduate of the Metallic Engineering Department of Kagawa Prefectural Technical School in 1930 and the Sculpting School of Tokyo School of Fine Arts, Saegusa specialized in oil painting and large scale public sculpture. Later he worked as a professor in The Nagoya University of Arts until he retired in 1986. Saegusa died in 2006.

After his retirement, Saegusa focuses on sculptures of animals and opened a teaching workshop. His bronze works display a variety of themes and postures, reflecting traditional Japanese culture with injection of abstract elements. His works are highly revered for their artistic beauty. After his death, his students from the workshop still produce yearly animal items based on Saegusa’s photo types and concept.

Saegusa has won a number of prestigious awards. His works are collected by a number of arts museums and displayed in public parks and square in many cities in Japan.

雕刻家三枝惣太郎在1911年生於日本香川縣,1930年畢業於香川縣立工藝學校金工系,1935年畢業於東京藝術大學雕塑系;畢業後從事油畫及大型雕刻創作, 1970年投身教育工作,任名古屋藝術大學教授,至1986年退休,2006年逝世。