The Bulls of Pedro Rodriguez

Pedro Rodriguez was born in 1958 in Malaga, Spain. He is a self-taught artist. Not traditionally trained, Pedro has an unrestricted approach to his work which gives it a strong personal characteristic. In every piece of his sculptures, Pedro looks for its special relationship with the real world. Their forms are full of expression and power. As bullfighting is the national sport of Spain, Pedro has a special feeling for bulls and has created a magnificent collection. His works have a simple and honest style that is unique and refreshing.

Pedro continues to develop his business and created his own art gallery in 1998. He has exhibited extensively in individual and collective exhibitions in Spain, Europe and the States. His works can be found in many private and public collections in Spain and around the world and art galleries in Europe.

Pedro Rodriguez的鬥牛

Pedro Rodriguez於1958年在西班牙馬拉加出生。 Pedro 沒有接受正式的訓練,因此不需受到大部份藝術家面對的原則及指引所覊絆,而他的作品擁有強烈的個人特色。他在每一件雕塑中找尋到與真實世界的特別關連,其型態均充滿表情及力量。由於鬥牛是西班牙國技,他對牛有一種特殊感覺,並創造了一系列精作的公牛作品;他的作品造形純樸自然,風格清新怡人。