Hong Qiong Hua 洪瓊華

A graduate from the National Taiwan University of Arts, Hong Qiong Hua started her artist career as an oil painter and studied and worked on traditional Chinese colour sculpting from 1979. She infuses creativity into traditional sculpting technique, employs new materials, skills and designs to interpret the old culture and create new values to her works.

Hong emphasises on scale, posture, action, texture and colour. Her modern concept injects new life to the traditional art. In recent years, she mixes western sculpture techniques with traditional Chinese sculpting to create neorealist series of “Song of Dunhuang”, “Story of Kinship” and “Impression of Cheongsam”.

Highly appreciated in Taiwan and overseas, Hong was awarded the best skill prize in the Japanese National Portrait Creation Exhibition in 1996, prize for the sculpture category in Taiwan’s Traditional Arts Award in 1998 and 2000, respectively, and her work is collected and displayed permanently by the National Art Centre. She was awarded prize for the sculpture category in the 1st and 2nd National Arts Award in 2001 and 2002, respectively. Her works have been exhibited in Taiwan, France and the US.