Stone Vase Items 石花瓶

Colour Stones from Taiwan

Colour stone is one of the many rock types found under the Central Mountain of Hualian area in Taiwan. Billions of years of continuous tectonic movement in the area contributed not only to the magnificent mountain ranges but also a great wealth of beautiful stones in Hualian. For decades, Hualian is the heaven for stone collectors. It also attracts artists to the area exploring the beauty of the stones.

Art pieces made with colour stones include sculptures, natural stone paintings, vases and wealth pots. Using stones of various shapes and colours, artists and craftsmen use their imagination and creative skill to transform the stones into collectable pieces. We can feel life in the stones with varying colours, textures and grains weaving into millions of combinations. Some stones are art pieces themselves, possessing the beautiful elements of a Chinese landscape painting with vivid imageries, or the vigour of modern abstract paintings without help from their sculptors.

Hualian colour stone is characterised by its bright colour, lustre and pattern. The most common decorative art pieces made from colour stones are vases and wealth pots and spheres. Each piece of stone bears a unique natural pattern projecting a magnificent artistic conception, similar to that of landscape paintings with splashes of colourful inks, free flowing and spectacular strokes. With its gorgeous characteristics, Hualian colour stone has become a favorite item of stone collectors.