Sharleen Boaden

Sharleen Boaden was born in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa in 1963. She has always been attracted to art and writing as a youngster, and poems and painting are her ways of self expression. Growing up, Sharleen mostly studies art on her own, though she has chances of regularly attending art classes held by Pascale Chandler in Durban. She has a passion for colour and finds painting a very satisfying expression of feelings and emotion.

She gets inspiration by visiting as many museums and galleries as she can. Her style changes with her mood, she can manage bold abstract as well as delicate bouquets as inspiration leads her. She has exhibited extensively in Durban, her home town, as well as Cape Town and also overseas in Ireland. Her works are in private collections around the world. Other than paintings, Sharleen has published some of her poetry.

Sharleen Boaden 於1963年在南非彼得馬利茲堡出生,從小喜愛藝術及文學作品,寫詩及繪畫成為她自我表現的途徑。Sharleen主要靠自學成為藝術家,雖然沒有受過正統的藝術教育,但仍有機會定期接受德班著名藝術家及導師Pascale Chandler的指引鍛鍊專業技巧。天生熱愛色彩,繪畫是Sharleen最佳的抒發感情途徑。