Andre Dluhos

Andrea Dlohus was born in 1940 in Czechoslovakia (now known as Slovakia). He studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at Bratislava Art Academy and got a Master degree in Art at the School of Fine Arts, Uherski Hradiste in 1961. He won his first art competition at 14, and from then on, set his mind to pursue the career of a painter.

He had a promising but short career in Czechoslovakia because he felt that his birth place was not suitable for pursuing his dream. In 1966, he travelled through Egypt and studied ancient art. Later he had a year of extensive travelling, painting, and showing throughout the countries of Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Austria, and in 1969, he decided to look for new opportunities and a new home in the United States. It had been a difficult decision leaving his home town and a lot of struggle at the first few years in the States. Yet, today, Andrea believes that being able to create what he feels within his soul justify all the suffering. His paintings are widely collected around the world.

Andrea Dlohus於1940年在捷克斯拉夫(現稱斯洛伐克)出生。他在伯拉第斯拉瓦藝術學院研習藝術及平面設計,後於1961獲Uherski Hradiste的藝術學校頒授藝術碩士學位。Andrea年屆14時贏得首項藝術獎項,由此開始,他就決意投身畫師行列。