Fa Cheng Xian 法成憲

Taiwan sculptor Fa Cheng Xian was born in 1974. As a young boy, Fa loved puppet shows and always told stories through the puppets. This led to his profound interest in human nature. Upon graduation from secondary school, he followed the master sculptor Shiec Yuh Wen to learn crafting of Buddhist sculpture. He found that behind the serious appearance of each Buddha lies an interesting story. His Buddhist sculptures are more carefree and lively, registering a change from the traditional Buddhist statue.

Most people tell stories in words, whereas Fa expresses in sculptures. Inspired by his son’s birth, he created the “Acolyte” and “Child” series to record his son’s growing process. He also infused into his works his dreams and memories as a child, in the hope of recapturing his naivety.

He was awarded excellent prize in “The 45th Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition” in 1992. He participated in the “Kaohsiung New Generation Sculpture Exhibition” in 1995 and became a professional Buddhist sculptor in 2000. Fa Cheng Xian held his own individual exhibition at Dong Shan Men Monastery in 2007.